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Winters Sleep…

The season’s first real snow came in during the night. Its frosty blanket covered the ground, hiding the last shreds of Autumn; save for the scattered remains of a handful of fool-hearted souls who beg to hang on just a little longer. Their sharp edges press through, for now, but their days are numbered as the next storm is not far off. Soon there will be a shroud of white for as far as the eye can see. But, waiting just underfoot, are the those same fool-hearted souls who refuse to do anything but survivePERF337891_pe.jpg


The Thing About Doors

People cross our paths and impact our lives in so many ways. Some stay awhile and others… not as long. Some turn our heads and some break our hearts. And sometimes, Life brings us things that shake us to our very core. Doors that were closed for what could be so many reasons are suddenly opened. The light on the other side is screaming for us to turn the handle and walk through. Will you stand outside the door and peek through the gap or will you gather up all your fears, doubts and questions and tossing them aside to take what could be a Life changing step across the threshold? How long will it take for you to chase what’s on the other side of the door?PERF32222.jpg

The Mill…

Mill-Town No More
He’d driven past this place countless times. He was always happy to catch the red light so he could take in the beauty of the buildings; the lines, the corners, the open and broken windows. He wondered how many lives were changed when the industry came into town.
The remnants of what used to be are still so vibrant today in this once-upon-a-time mill town. Hallways littered with bricks, territory claimed by Graffiti Picasso’s, upper floor doors that open to the ground from stories up. It’s all still here. But not in the way we thought it would be.
It’s different now. It’s empty and without purpose. And one day, sooner than we wish to think, the last of those who remember will be gone. Gone like the industry that once made this town world-famous.
The next time you drive by, slow down and take a look in those windows. They have so much they want you to remember



My New Business Cards

My New Business Cards

Mark Perfetti Photography LLC

Mark Perfetti Photography

is now

Mark Perfetti Photography LLC


Me and My daughters, Jessica & Rachel, they make my heart beat

Jessica, Rachel and me, They make my heart beat…

Happy 19th Birthday to my Daughter Rachel, I Love You!

Happy 19th Birthday Rachel, I Love You...

Happy 19th Birthday Rachel, I Love You…

St. Baldricks

The guys asked me how much to shave my mustache for St. Baldricks, I said $500, they raised it in less than 5 minutes!!! So its gone!! First time in over 20 years without it, but its was so worth it!!!!

Kenny and meKenny and Me!

Me and my Buddy ShangShang and me back at work!


A few people were telling me about the Eagles they have seen in the area lately, so, I took my camera and went to the locations I was given (Shhhhhh), a few turned up, NBAA, ( no birds at all) then I went to a location given to me by a good friend, Bingo!

What I found was, it takes patience, lots of it, it gets boring, Eagles can perch for hours, and hours, and Zzzz.., oh, I’m sorry, back to my post, and hours! it gets boring! I made 5 trips so far, lots of other birds, but the first time you see an Eagle, WOW!

My first attempts were poor, hell, my LAST attempts are poor, overall I took about 100 photos, the first visit was so bad I didn’t get 1 usable photo, I went home and did some research on birds in flight photography, (YouTube), I learned I was doing EVERYTHING wrong, and, AND, you have to be somewhat rich to do this, the people that do photography like this use lenses that are around $6 to $10 THOUSAND Dollars! I’m sure there are better and closer locations in the area, but when I was there, the Eagles were elsewhere, ( maybe shopping, vacation, school, who knows).

These photos were taken at about 1,000 yards with a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV with a Canon 70-200 2.8, way under par for this job, with additional cropping and just a little sharpening in Photoshop I can use about 2 images from about 100 that I’m kind of happy with.

Without a doubt, I’m sure a lot of you got better shots than this with a Point and Shoot! if so, can I have lessons?

I will check other locations in the near future, maybe with some luck I can get closer, or maybe I should just wear a hat with some salmon on it! Anyone that wants to sit for hours and keep me company speak up now! its boring!